A Boy and a House

Kastelic, Maja. A Boy and a House. Toronto, Canada: Annick Press, 2018.

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Originally published in Slovenia, A Boy and a House is a wordless books which transcends countries. Done in sepia tones, the book shows the story of a boy who follows a cat into an apartment building. Along the way he picks up pictures and follows the cat and the trail of pictures until he finds a girl in an attic. Together they throw paper airplanes over the city.

I love the art work of Maja Kastelic. She does an excellent job of telling the story through her pictures. She mixed many of her own colors for the illustrations and used a watercolor wash to convey a feeling of old photographs.

A Boy and a House, as most wordless books, would make a great story starter. The book could be used with a variety of ages as a creative writing or language development exercise. The book could also be paired with Journey by Aaron Becker for a compare and contrast lesson as there as a few similarities.

I want to thank Annick Publishers for the review copy of this picture book A Boy and a House by Maja Kastelic in exchange for this honest review. I highly recommend that you add this book to your wordless book collection. I will be adding the review copy to my school library so that more children can enjoy it.

You can read more about Maja Kastelic on her guest post on the Picture Book Makers blog http://blog.picturebookmakers.com/post/157230439041/maja-kastelic

How do you use wordless books? Like this post and comment below to share your ideas.

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