I have a masters degree in Humanities with an emphasis in Children’s Literature from Prescott College. I also hold a NM teaching certificate with a Library Media Endorsement. I am a retired school librarian and have served at Mesilla Valley Christian School (MVCS) in Las Cruces, NM and Hilltop Christian school near Window Rock, AZ (on the Navajo Reservation). I previously taught Children’s Literature courses at Dona Ana Community College. I have worked in libraries for over 40 years. My posts are about books in our school library, that I may put in our school library, those I have read in conjunction with courses I’ve taught, or those I have been asked to help promote.

My background comes in to the reviews I write. Having served on the reservation, I have seen the devastation drugs and alcohol can have on families. I have also witnessed occult influences in those I worked with. My experience with Native Americans has also made me sensitive to how they are portrayed in literature. As a conservative Christian I am sensitive to language used. When I see a potential problem in a text, I will mention it in my review. It is my hope that by doing so, I will help librarians more informed as they make their purchasing decisions.

I have read thousands of children’s books, both with my children and with the children in the schools where I have worked. Most of the time, I think I have a pretty good sense of what books kids will and won’t read. I may mention in my reviews if I think a book is poorly written or will not have appeal to children.

I understand that authors have poured their hearts into their books and look to reviews for affirmation of a job well-done. However, my purpose for writing reviews is to assist librarians and parents in choosing books for children. When I first started purchasing books for my library, reviews didn’t say anything about my areas of concern – parental casual drinking, profane language, and other issues. I decided that others may have the same concerns as I do, so I started this blog. I hope it helps you choose books for the children in your area of influence.


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  1. Dear Jane,

    I have enjoyed following your blog! I am a children’s book author and have two new picture books coming out this year: a Halloween book and a Christmas book. The publisher has assigned me to get a few short reviews from other children’s authors, reviewers, and librarians to print on the back cover. I am especially interested in having you review my picture book THE GIFTS OF THE ANIMALS, which is loosely based on an old Latin carol about gifts the stable animals brought to baby Jesus. I would also love for your to read IF YOU’RE SCARY AND YOU KNOW IT, a Halloween board book for preschool and early elementary. The illustrator is not quite finished with the Christmas book. However, the Halloween book interior is all finished. Please let me know if you would be willing to look at them. Thank you, Carole Gerber http://www.carolegerber.com
    My email is carolegerber@gmail.com


  2. Hi, this is Kathy Bailey. I’m scheduled for your blog for Sept. 5 and wondered if you need anything from me. Please respond to the e-mail below if there is anything I can provide. Thanks.


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