Need a book reviewed?

I am always looking for new titles to review on my blog. All titles are reviewed through the lens of whether or not the book would be appropriate for my k-12 Christian School library. Items that will be flagged as areas of potential concern include: profanity, co-habitation, smoking, alcohol use, and drug use portrayed as normal/okay. These are not acceptable for my audience.

If you have a title you would like to see reviewed on this blog, please feel free to contact me. I review children’s and young adult titles as well titles that could have a secondary audience with these age groups. I will review your titles through the same lens I review all other books. I prefer physical copies so that I can add the books to the school library if they are appropriate, but I also accept mobi copies. I am currenlty only accepting children’s or young adult titles.


  1. I entered my url (twice) and I keep getting a notice to enter it, so I cannot submit. Here’s my comment.
    I write for the middle grade reader, from a Christian viewpoint, historical fiction to get children excited about history. You may enjoy reviewing my Underground Railroad novel, North to Freedom. It follows two young boys who cross the Ohio River from the farm where they’re enslaved. Chased by slave-catchers and harbored by many along the way to Canada, Moses and Tom trust the Lord to help them.
    My latest book is a biography of a man who should be more famous than he is, Simon Kenton. His exciting life as a frontiersman, protector of settlers from Indians, and scout for more than one general will engage readers, especially boys. Maps, drawings, paintings, and glossary promote learning as they read. Chapters end with questions to make the story personal.


    • Karen – I’m not sure what the issue was with entering your url. I’ve had that problem when entering my wordpress url at other sites. Sometimes it helps to copy and paste rather than typing it in.
      Your book sounds interesting Send me a message at mouttet (dot) menagerie (at) gmail (dot) com with more information.


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