Author Interview – Sally Metzger

Book Details:

Book Title:  Night of Mysterious Blessings by Sally Metzger
Category:  Children’s Fiction (Ages 5-8), 40 pages
Genre Picture Book/Early Reader
Publisher Elk Lake Publishing
Release date:   November 3, 2021

Content Rating: G. My book is rated G because it has a Biblical world view. 

Book Description:

Have you ever had great big tingly goosebumps? Or tossed and turned too long on a sleepless night? Have you ever seen tall shadows dance in your doorway? Or found a RELAX-let-go peace deep inside? In Night of Mysterious Blessings, you’ll share in the adventures of a boy and his beloved dog. Enter this curious, oh-so-mysterious night, and be amazed at what you see in the morning’s light. Best of all, uncover the priceless key to worrying less and smiling more.

​So many books stress God is always with us. How fantastic for a book to proclaim the Scriptural truth that God is also within. It’s a lifelong gift for children to discover God makes his home inside them while their hearts are open to receive the mystery.

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Meet the Author – Sally Metzger:

As a teacher, spiritual director, and retreat leader, Sally Metzger has helped young people discover God’s boundless love for them for over 20 years. She developed and taught a course in faith formation for university students, religion teachers, youth ministers, and parents, and she is the author of two children’s books, Night of Mysterious Blessings and Jesus, Were You Little?

​Sally has a Master of Theological Studies degree, focusing on pastoral care, and is active in chaplain ministry. Her message: It’s Raining Grace! And through God’s power, we can find and joyfully fulfill our purpose in life. Sally is married to her high school sweetheart, cherishes her children and grandchildren, and enjoys outdoor adventures and travel.

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An Interview with Sally Metzger 

How do you like writing for kids?

Writing for kids is fun for me since I’m still a kid on the inside. I retired from childhood kicking and screaming to stay put. I still love water slides, playing hide and seek, and catching lightning bugs. (I let them go immediately.) 

How do you handle writer’s block? 

Writer’s block strikes when I feel rushed by a deadline, so I try to finish my work earlier than necessary.

Writer’s block can also happen if I get too ego-involved in my writing. If I write to help an audience, pressure disappears, and ideas emerge. I love to picture children listening, wide-eyed, to a story. I try to forget myself. It’s not about me. 

Can you share a snippet that isn’t in the blurb or excerpt of Night of Mysterious Blessings?

I’d love to share four lines that came to me before I’d written much else. I hadn’t even decided to write in rhyme when I jotted down these words: 

God isn’t somewhere way up in the sky.

He’s living inside you. He hears every sigh.

With God in your heart, you’re incredibly strong.

He calls you his friend, so you’ll always belong.

As I wrote the lines, they comforted me, and I wanted to comfort children (and their parents) with them. 

Tell us about the process for coming up with the cover. 

For page four of the story, my oh-so-talented illustrator came up with the image of our little insomniac wrapped in sheets and totally exasperated by his inability to sleep at twenty till midnight. I could imagine myself, my kids, or any child I knew under those sheets. The image became a heartwarming cover for the book.

When did you first consider yourself a writer? 

When I got a publishing contract for my second children’s story, I told a friend, “Gee, maybe I am a writer!” But really, I think being a writer has less to do with your resume and more with how you feel about the craft—how you want to perfect each sentence or can’t possibly quit writing. In that sense, I guess I knew in high school. 

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