ABC Animal Jamboree

Andreae, Giles. ABC Animal Jamboree. Illustrated by David Wojtowycz. New York: Scholastic, 2009.

ABC Animal Jamboree

There seem to be alphabet books about every subject which is good since they help little ones learn their alphabet. ABC Animal Jamboree would be a great one to add to your alphabet book collection. Concept books are an important addition to any collection.

Author Giles Andreae has written a catchy rhyme for each letter of the alphabet. Each poem is 4 or 5 lines in length. The text appeals to children. C – Crocodile is a great example. “When animals come to the river to drink, I watch for a minute or two. It’s such a delight to behold such a site That I can’t resist chomping a few.”

A great use of these poems would be in introducing the letters of the alphabet. A kinder teacher could read the page appropriate to the letter being introduced. The book could also be used when studying the individual animals mentioned in the book. ABC Animal Jamboree would also be a great addition to a Poetry collection.

The whimsical, colorful illustrations of David Wojtowycz are a great addition to the picture book. The give children a cute representation of the animal presented on each page.

ABC Animal Jamboree is available from Amazon. Thanks for using my affiliate link which helps support this children’s literature blog.


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