Beyond the River

Elmer, Robert. Beyond the River. Minneapolis, MN: Bethany House Publishers, 1994.

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Beyond the River is book 2 in The Young Underground series. It can be read as a stand alone – I have not read book 1 and did not feel like I was missing any information while reading the book. This is an older book but it fills a gap that Christian publishers are not currently filling – Christian fiction for older elementary and younger middle school students. There are some out there but not many. I read this because is is a member of the MVCS Lonely Lit club – it hasn’t been checked out recently. I will be sharing it with my historical fiction lovers in an effort to increase its circulation numbers.

Beyond the River tells a story of young people during World War II and how they were involved in underground activities against the Nazis. Peter and Elise are sent to their aunt and uncle who live in the country on a farm. Denmark is under Nazi domination, but their parents thought they would be safer in the country than in the city. Almost as soon as they arrive, an English plane crash lands and the pilot disappears. Peter and Elise get drawn in to the underground activities of their cousins while their aunt frets that she is not keeping them safe. Faith in God is part of the everyday life of the characters of this book.

Robert Elmer has written a well-researched historical fiction novel for grades 4-6. I recommend the addition of The Young Underground series to your school library.

Beyond the River (The Young Underground 2) (Book 2) is available from Amazon. Thanks for using my affiliate link which doesn’t cost you more but does help support this children’s literature blog.

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