Kid Review – Where Are Your Shoes, Mr. Brown? – picture book

Rhodes, Justin. Where Are Your Shoes, Mr. Brown? Illustrated by Heather Dickinson. New York: WorthyKids, 2023.


Join a young boy affectionately known as Mr. Brown as he searches for his shoes across the family farm in this first picture book from social media icon and author of The Rooted Life, Justin Rhodes.

Gideon, the second youngest child of homesteaders Justin and Rebekah Rhodes, is infamously known as the shoe-losing “Mr. Brown.” It drives his papa nuts, especially when it’s time to head out to do chores on the farm. Where Are Your Shoes, Mr. Brown? is an engaging story that follows Mr. Brown as he searches for his missing shoes, bringing a humorous message about responsibility along with an underlying theme of a parent’s love. Justin and Rebekah are parents to five children and involve the them in much of the work on the farm to teach values of hard work, problem solving, and life skills like growing their own food.

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My Review

I really appreciate the love the father in this story shows for his child. From Justin Rhodes’ author’s note at the end of the book it sounds as though the book is based on a true story. The book seems to have more of a message for the parents than for the kids – sometimes spending time with your kids is more important than teaching them a lesson.

Mr. Brown is the nickname of the child main character of Where Are Your Shoes, Mr. Brown? He can’t find his shoes so Papa carries Mr. Brown on his back while doing the farm chores, just so Papa can spend time with Mr. Brown. 

Heather Dickinson created beautiful illustrations which go beyond the text and add to the story. I appreciate the details she added to the pictures. 

Where Are Your Shoes, Mr. Brown? would be a good addition to the picture book section of a K-12 Christian school library. 

I received a complimentary copy of Where Are Your Shoes, Mr. Brown? This is my honest review. 

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