Kid Review – Sterling and Nugget the Dragon – picture book

Shaw, Judd B. Sterling and Nugget the Dragon. Illustrated by Marrieta Gal. New York: Morgan James Publishing, 2022. 

Sterling the Knight series

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As the first story in Judd B. Shaw’s Sterling the Knight series of medieval adventures, Sterling and Nugget the Dragon teaches how kindness is mightier than the sword. 

In a land far away, many fear a dragon named Nugget—including Sterling, a brave young boy, who dreams of becoming a knight. Sterling sets out to slay the dragon, until his quest presents him with a choice: fight or help. In choosing kindness and compassion, Sterling becomes a true knight. 

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My Review

Misunderstandings happen – even when you are a dragon. Sterling wants to be a knight. He thinks he needs to defeat the dragon in order to do so. It turns out Nugget the Dragon is injured and needs help. Sterling helps Nugget and bridges the gap between the people and the dragon. 

Judd B. Shaw shows readers/listeners that helping others is important in this first book in his Sterling the Knight series.

I love Marrieta Gal’s cute illustrations. They compliment the text well and help young children visualize unfamiliar parts of the text. 

I look forward to reading more books in this series. I think it could become a family favorite read-aloud. 

There is nothing in Sterling and Nugget the Dragon that would prevent it from being added to the picture book section of a K-12 Christian school library. I received a complimentary copy of Sterling and Nugget the Dragon. This is my honest review.

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