The Me I See in You – Epic Book Launch – Excerpt

About the Book

Book: The Me I See in You

Author: Angeles Echols

Genre: Inspirational Nonfiction

Release date: November 7, 2022

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Take a peek into the eyes of our future…and be encouraged.

The Me I See in You is a testament of the commitment, dedicated educators and caring communities have in changing the trajectory of young lives. In it, you’ll meet graduates with incredible stories and extraordinary outcomes, thanks to the academic, emotional, and social resources provided by EYM and a caring core base of teachers, mentors, family, friends, funders, and the EYM board of directors.

“When asked what I see on the horizon for our youth, I see in my youth the essence of what it is “to be human,” to dream, do the work, to love, and forgive with grace. Through tears, triumphs, disappointments, successes, failures, inequities, biases and racism, I see a world full of hope because our youth with guidance and support will not waiver. They will continue to strive to be and share their best selves with unlimited potential.
I think not only of these former students but each child that has come across my path and the me I see in each of them!” –Angeles Echols

Yvette, a little chocolate beauty who was once teased, but now with an MD and Master’s degree, is a role model for young Black women and girls.
LaShia, who rolled her neck and eyes at me and adamantly told us what she was and was not going to do at EYM… I smiled and asked her mom to leave the room. (What was said in that room, we will never tell)
Toddwho sat at my desk and reviewed EYM’s online programming, discovered flaws, said “Don’t cry, Ms. Echols, I can fix this,” and built EYM’s online interactive platform, Access/No Excuse (ANE).
Adam, who built the teacher/student online tutorial component of (ANE) while attending Cal Tech and teaching at EYM part-time.
Ashley, whogave me a hug and said, “Take my credit card and get what you need for EYM. I will bring my team and design the landscape for EYM.” Shot during a drive-by, she’s forgiving and, refuses to be bitter.
Rob, seeking that street credit as a teen, now a film producer and director, reminds me frequently that EYM saved his life. I then remind him that he saved himself, with God’s grace and the support of his family and village!
Themba, reminds me that the potential of an EYM graduate is without boundaries. Never giving up or giving in, he passed the California State Bar and continued to reach back to help others, producing the first EYM golf tournament!
Suha,a gentle soft spoken EYM graduate,now in Medical Schoolwho became a tutor at EYM and quietly showered me with love and encouragement as an adult.

When you look upon a child whose eyes have already begun to dim due to deferred hope don’t speculate on how long it will take before the light is completely extinguished—find a way to set it ablaze.

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I start mumbling and speaking softly to myself as I write, remembering the energy and excitement I have carried for many years as I have watched my students at Educating Young Minds grow and achieve in a society that states statistically, they are the “least likely to succeed.” Methodically, and without effort I begin to think of them individually.

When my eyes are closed, I see their smiles, physical gestures, and posture. I recall their behavior, and with accuracy, the ones labelled ADD/ADHD. So many Black/African American boys were labelled unnecessarily. All many of them needed was academic and emotional discipling and people who cared and had the talent and resources needed to address their issues.

I remember the ones who were shot and survived—who I was too afraid to visit because I had cried so many tears in depression watching others die. I had given one too many eulogies. I watched my youngest student die at eight years of age. I did not believe I would be strong enough to witness anymore suffering and pain without revealing my own. Eventually, students who were labelled mildly autistic, and those who performed below grade level were able to compete with honor students who believed they only needed SAT/PSAT support and guidance. I am certain many asked their moms, dads, and grandparents raising babies, “Why am I here with this crazy lady?”

I calm my energy and thoughts by placing my thumb in my mouth. As my index fingers and others close my eye lids, I smile, I chuckle, I nod, and I shake my head remembering a time when these intelligent, talented, gifted, compassionate young men and women once studied in my one-room apartment, on my bed, in the bathroom tub with my bed pillow, or on my balcony, which was only large enough for one student, two books, and a very small potted plant.


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ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Angeles Echols

Angeles LaRose Patricia Echols was born in Memphis, Tennessee. She graduated from Cornell University, where she earned her B.A. in psychology, with an emphasis in child development and human behavior. While attending Cornell, Angeles discovered a love for the arts and teaching. In Ithaca’s downtown community centers and in the local Baptist church. After much prayer and soul searching, the path was chosen for her. She would become an advocate for children: an educator and mentor, empowering children, parents, and families.


Angeles founded Educating Young Minds Tutorial Program, reaching at-risk children and their families, channeling their energies toward achieving excellence. She accomplished this by linking high expectations with socio-academic improvement, proven teaching and learning strategies and activities for students with varied needs, skills and abilities.

The truest testament to Angeles’ work is the young men and women who graduate from EYM, succeed at college, and then return to their communities as role models and as leaders.

Her new book, “The Me I See In You” highlights some of the students that have graduated from EYM, accomplished many of their academic and professional goals and have come back to support EYM in various ways. You will be encouraged by their stories.

This is not Angeles Echols’ first foray into writing. She is the author of interactive bio- Ray Charles, The Man. The Music, The Legacy (commissioned by the Ray Charles Foundation).

Angeles lives in California with her husband. When she is not running her business or writing, Angeles travels with her husband. 

Disclaimer – I have not read this book so I cannot speak to its appropriateness for a K-12 Christian School library. I encourage librarians to read the book before making a purchasing decision.

I choose to share it because it does sound interesting. If you read it, let me know what you think.

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