Author Interview – Amanda Seibert – Mama, Sing My Song

The words spoken over us as a child hold great power, and our understanding of them begins very early on. In fact, children begin understanding the meaning of words as early as 6 months old, research from the Proceedings of the National
Academy of Sciences tells us, which is why it is imperative to provide parents with early resources to let their little ones know that they are safe, loved, and cherished.
For years, Amanda Seibert, the “original mama” behind the company Mama, Sing My Song, has gifted children around the world the magic of music through personalized lullabies celebrating and honoring the diversities and unique features found in each child. Turning song into story, Amanda is now providing parents with a love note to speak (or sing) over their children with the release of her first children’s book, Mama, Sing My Song: A Sweet Melody of God’s Love for Me.

“There are three things I have become quite sure of:” says Seibert, “every child is uniquely made in the image of God; the words we speak have great power, and song is one of the most memorable, meaningful ways to touch a life. When you combine those three things, something truly magical happens.”
Written and recorded as a song, Seibert’s engaging rhymes and heartfelt lyrics are showcased
on every page of Mama, Sing My Song. “My hope is that as families read this book together,
this song would become a part of their everyday lives,” says Seibert. “I pray that as these children grow, this song would become stuck in their heads in the most wonderful way,
reminding them deep in their hearts of who God made them to be and just how dearly they are
More than just a book, Mama, Sing My Song includes a beautiful keepsake page to write down
hopes and dreams for your child and a QR code for an original song to coincide with the book.
Intended for ages four to eight, Mama, Sing My Song: A Sweet Melody of God’s Love for Me is
an affirming picture book that
• celebrates the love between parent and child
• encourages kids to embrace God’s love for them
• provides kids the security and love they’re seeking
• highlights all that is good in our little ones
Mama, Sing My Song: A Sweet Melody of God’s Love for Me makes a touching keepsake gift
book for baby showers, Mother’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, and other new beginnings such as
adoption, a new sibling, or one’s first day of school.

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About Amanda Seibert

Amanda Seibert is the founder and “original mama” of Mama Sing My Song, a company that
has created personalized songs and lullabies for thousands of kids all over the world. She
believes that every child is uniquely created and loved by God, that words hold great power, and that song is one of the most beautiful, memorable ways to touch a life.
She attended Moody Bible Institute, spent three years serving at a children’s home in India, and
now lives in Indianapolis with her husband and three children, where they try to fill their home
with songs, dance, and laughter each day.
To learn more about Mama Sing My Song or get started on your child’s personalized song, visit

My Interview with Amanda

When did you first know you wanted to be an author? 
As early as I can remember, I dreamed of being an author! I used to write and illustrate my own little books as a kid, and I loved going to “Young Author’s Conference” to meet real authors. I remember at the conference, they gave us each a blank, hardback book. All of my other homemade books were just papers stapled together, so this was so special– I could hardly decide what to write in it! Being an author really is a dream come true for me.

When you are not writing, what other hats do you wear? What do you do for fun?
I’m a mama of 3 kids under 7, which is my greatest role (and definitely keeps me busy)! 🙂 I am also the founder of Mama Sing My Song, a company that creates personalized songs and lullabies for parents to give to their children. We’ve created songs for thousands of kids around the world, reminding them just how much they are loved. Every day I feel honored to be a part of such meaningful work!

What is your favorite genre to read? What about that genre draws you?
Lately, I’ve been devouring memoirs. It feels like I’m sitting down for coffee listening to someone share their life story with me. There is so much we can learn from one another, and books are a great way to see things through a different perspective.

What is your favorite holiday? And why?
Definitely Christmas! I have such special memories of Christmastime as a child– the food, the smells, the decorations, the music– and now I love recreating those traditions and establishing new ones with my own children!

What historical figure do you admire and why?
I’ve always admired Elisabeth Elliott for her great courage and faith.

Who did you have in mind as you wrote the book?
As I was writing, I imagined a parent tucking their child into bed and reading (and singing!) this book together. (The book is actually written as a song!) I hope that as families read and sing along, the words of this song will sink deep into young hearts, always reminding them just how much they are loved.

As a former K-12 school librarian I have to ask – what is your favorite children’s book?
Oh my goodness, how could I ever choose one favorite?! My grandma was also a librarian, and her love for children’s literature was passed down to my mother, then me, and now to my own children. One children’s book that always brings back fond memories is Caps for Sale; my siblings and I used to love reading & then acting it out. (Now my own kids love to do that too!)
That is one of my favorites too!

What advice would you give to a child or teen who wants to be a writer?
Never let go of your dream– it is absolutely possible! Keep using your gifts and be patient; you never know what will happen.

About Sally Garland

Sally Garland grew up in a small town in the Highlands of Scotland and studied illustration at
Edinburgh College of Art before moving to Glasgow. Sally has loved drawing since she was young and grew up with an assortment of pets, including goldfish, budgies, hamsters, dogs,
cats, guinea pigs, a pony, and, of course, rabbits. Each of these little personalities still influences her illustrations today.

About Tommy Nelson

Tommy Nelson® is the children’s division of Thomas Nelson. As a leading provider of Christian
content, Tommy Nelson publishes a wide variety of high-quality, enjoyable products that are
consistent with the teachings found in the Bible. Tommy Nelson’s award-winning products are
designed to expand children’s imaginations and nurture their faith while inspiring them to
develop a personal relationship with Jesus. For more information, visit

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