Review – Through the Blaze – Christian Contemporary Romance

Holt, Milla. Through the Blaze. London: Reinbok Limited, 2022. 

Mosaic Collection

Seasons of Faith Book 2

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He has spent his life taking chances, but will she risk it all to love him again?

Gambling addict Kai Meland has spent the last decade fixing the life he wrecked. Still, some things are broken beyond repair. Include his marriage. His daughter’s upcoming wedding might be his last chance to show his estranged wife he’s not the same man who once crushed her heart and chose gambling over her.

Lisa wants nothing to do with the man she once loved. After his addiction destroyed their family, she focused on their daughter, Eline. She wiped her tears, held her close, and met her needs. So now that Eline is about to marry, how can she want both of her parents present?

As preparations begin, Lisa finds an older, wiser Kai saying all the right things, but she’s not about to fall for his charms. She’s been down that road and has the scars to show it.

Will the approaching wedding allow Kai the chance he needs to break through Lisa’s emotional fortress and prove to her their love is worth a final wager?

Through the Blaze is Book 2 in Milla Holt’s Seasons of Faith Christian romance series. Five friends were in the same wedding in a small Norwegian town over twenty years ago. Four bridesmaids, one bride. Now, two decades on, each woman learns that God’s timing is perfect as they find forever love later in life.

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My Review

I love redemption stories. Milla Holt has written a beautiful forgiveness and redemption story in Through the Blaze. In book 2 of her Season of Faith series and part of the Mosaic Collection, Holt looks at the trust issues in marriage. Trust is hard especially when one member of a couple has broken that trust. 

Kai and Lisa were married twenty years ago. Unfortunately, Kai had a gambling addiction which destroyed the trust necessary in marriage. They never divorced but they separated. Lisa never shared the details of why Kai left with their daughter Eline. Now Eline is getting married and it feels rushed to Lisa.

As is the case in real life, people say harsh things – especially when they don’t have the whole story. God can bring forgiveness and reconciliation. His redemption is shown through the lives of the “real life” characters in this book. 

Through the Blaze is an adult novel but it contains great truths that high schoolers can understand. I think this title could find a place in a K-12 Christian school library.
I received a complimentary copy of Through the Blaze. This is my honest review. 


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