Review – Into the Flood – Contemporary Christian Romance

Holt, Milla. Into the Flood. London: Reinbok Limited, 2022.

Seasons of Faith series

Mosaic Collection

She took this small-town job as a temporary last resort. Falling for her reserved boss was not part of the plan.

One mistake imploded Sonia Krogstad’s PR career, leaving her with a stack of debt and no job prospects. Out of options, she returns to her tiny hometown in the northern wilds of Norway, planning only to stay long enough to get back on her feet and prepare for her big-city comeback.

Reclusive tech genius Axel Vikhammer bought a non-profit community arts center that’s fast becoming a money pit. Closing it down is not an option, especially since it’s a refuge for the teenage daughter he only recently learned he has. With her PR background, Sonia seems the perfect hire for the job as his center’s fundraising manager.

Yet as feelings develop between the two, Axel wonders how he can trust Sonia with his business—or his heart—when her dreams don’t include his small town or him.

With her head and her heart pulling her in different directions, Sonia needs to take a leap of faith. But every time she’s done that in the past, she’s fallen flat on her face. Why should it be different now?

Into the Flood is Book 1 in Milla Holt’s Seasons of Faith Christian romance series. Five friends were in the same wedding in a small Norwegian town over twenty years ago. Four bridesmaids, one bride. Now, two decades on, each woman learns that God’s timing is perfect as they find forever love later in life.

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My Review

Into the Flood is part of the Mosaic Collection. The theme of the books in this series is “Family by His Design.” I love seeing how the different authors have their characters live out this theme. In Into the Flood, Milla Holt uses a single dad and his teen daughter to explore the theme. Until a year ago, Axel didn’t know he had a daughter. He only found out because his old girlfriend was dying. Not only does Karla lose the only parent she has ever known, she has to move in with a father who is very uncertain in his parenting skills. 

Axel hires Sonia, who recently lost her job, to fundraise and resurrect the community center he rescued from closure. The community center was his daughter’s place of refuge and he didn’t want her to lose that too. 

There are so many trust issues by the characters of this story. They also have to deal with putting others before themselves. Readers will learn by watching how these “real-life” characters learn and grow over the course of the story. 

I love that this series is set in Norway. I don’t think I have ever read a book set there. I look forward to learning more about Norway as I read my way through this series. 

Into the Flood was written for the adult audience. However, I don’t see any problem with placing it in a K-12 Christian school library. High schoolers will enjoy it. 

I purchased my copy of Into the Flood. This is my honest review. 

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