Review – Gossip & Grace

Dick, Janice L. Grace & Gossip. Guernsey, Saskatchewan: Tansy & Thistle Press, 2022.


How does a person return to everyday life after spending almost a year behind bars? Nineteen-year-old Solomon Wuppertal throws himself into the new job his sister offers him as barista at Happenstance Bistro & Books.

But not everyone is pleased to see him return to town. His father is disappointed in him, the local gossip columnist spreads rumors, and secrets from his past haunt him. Besides interacting with customers, Sol must cope with cranky Morris Craddock, who runs the lending library in the same building.

When books go missing from Morris’s library and Sol is implicated, he decides to solve the mystery of the book thefts and stop the rampant rumors. As obstacles mount and self-doubt plagues him, Sol struggles to believe the truth and trust those willing to help him.

Will his determination be enough for him to move ahead and create a productive life in Happenstance? Will he succeed against all the odds?

Gossip & Grace is a cozy mystery, the third book in the HAPPENSTANCE CHRONICLES, set in a little town that offers fresh choices and second chances. It’s sure to capture your heart and leave you wanting more.

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My Review

Grace & Gossip  is book three in Janice L. Dick’s Happenstance Chronicles. I have enjoyed this series of books. Janice L. Dick has created a cast of lovable, believable characters with an interesting town as the setting. In Grace & Gossip, Dick throws in a bit of a mystery which was fun to try to figure out. For me, part of the underlying message of Grace & Gossip is learning to get along with difficult people – or how to live your life in spite of them. I loved the way the main characters put aside difficulties to help others. I look forward to reading future books in this series.

Grace & Gossip could find its way into a K-12 Christian school library. I think high schoolers would enjoy it. 

I purchased a copy of Grace & Gossip. This is my honest review. 

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