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About the Book

Book: Fear No Evil

Author: Allen Brokken

Genre: Christian Middle Grade Fantasy

Release Date: December 5, 2020

Fear No Evil - ebook (2)

Across the land of Zoura, people and creatures alike continue to fall prey to the persuasion of darkness. The seeds of evil pollute not only those outside the Light, but those within it. Pitting neighbor against neighbor. Brother against brother. The Dark One gains ground in his pursuit to shroud the heathlands in eternal darkness. Zoura’s only hope lies with three children.

Twelve-year-old Lauren and her younger brothers, Aiden and Ethan, are determined to reignite the Tower of Light in Blooming Glen. But an attack by dark forces separates them, driving them into a valley of darkness. Without each other or their Knight Protector, the three siblings must navigate the wilderness while fending off creatures tainted by evil. They fight not just for Zoura, but for their own survival.

Will the darkness overtake Lauren, Aiden, and Ethan? Or will they prove their faith is stronger and that they fear no evil?

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My Review

Brokken, Allen. Fear No Evil. NP: Towers of Light Christian Resources, 2020.

In Fear No Evil, Allen Brokken continues the story of Lauren, Aiden, and Ethan right where they left off in Still Small Voice. There is quite a bit of tension in the story and some violence as the kids fight for good against evil. As they are escaping evil, the three siblings are separated from each other and from all adults who care for them in an accident. Fortunately, they cling to God and are able to turn some of those they come in contact with to the true light. 

Allen Brokken has integrated Biblical truths into the plot of this book. Readers should come away with a good sense of right vs. wrong and good vs. evil. A recurring element in the books is the childhood song “This Little Light of Mine” – always reminds the children to let their light shine even in the darkest of circumstances. 

I was disappointed at one thing that happened at the end of this book, but I’m sure it will prove to be a good plot driver in the next title. Allen Brokken has two more titles planned for this series – I can’t wait to see what happens to the kids, their parents, and those they have guided to the true light. 

 I would not hesitate to add Fear No Evil and the other titles in the Towers of Light series to a K-12 Christian school library. I think they are appropriate for grades 3 -6 although it might be too tense for some tender hearted kids.

I received a complimentary copy of Fear No Evil. This is my honest review. 

About the Author

Allen Brokken

Allen Brokken is a teacher at heart, a husband and father most of all. He’s a joyful writer by the abundant grace of God. He began writing the Towers of Light series for his own children to help him illustrate the deep truths of the Bible in an engaging and age appropriate way. He’s dedicated 15 years of his life to volunteer roles in children’s ministry and youth development. Now that his own children are off to college he’s sharing his life experiences on social media @towersoflight, @twodadsandajoke, and through his blog

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The stakes have been raised in the 3rd book of the Towers of Light Series, Fear No Evil.  The children have been separated from one another in the darkness shrouded, Muddy River valley.  Evil prowls around them at every turn.  Do they have the faith to fear no evil?

My favorite part about writing this book was a conversation I had with the real Ethan.  I had a tight editorial deadline to meet and I decided to go on a writing retreat to finish the book.  While I was trying to leave home, my youngest the real life Ethan kept asking me questions and delaying my departure.  Finally, I said, “You know the last time I wrote there was a ferocious bear about to eat Ethan.  If I don’t sit down and start writing soon, he’s going to be a bear food.” Ethan’s reply was, “Yah you better go write now!”  You’ll have to pick up Fear no Evil to see if I got back to the story in time.

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  1. Thank you so much for your honest review. I really appreciate the time you put into it. If your readers have interest they can get a free sample of all three books in the series at

    On the disappointment, I’m super curious what that might be. I think I know, but I don’t want to put a spoiler out there. For story flow there’s a chapter I had to cut that setup the ending. That said, the story continues with higher stakes because of the ending of Fear No Evil. I’m on the fence about weaving the scene in as a flashback in Book 4 or sending it out as a subscriber bonus at some point.

    Book 4 Armor of God is in the works and God willing, will be out next December.


  2. Thank you for sharing your review and the book and author details, this sounds like an excellent book and series to share with my grandchildren


  3. I wanted to thank you for your support of Fear No Evil and let you know it was chosen by the Christian Independent Publishers Association as a finalist for the 2020 Book of the year in the 8-12 year old category. It’s a people’s choice style award and you or your reader’s vote might be the one to take it over the top. So your participation would be greatly appreciated.


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