Review – The Little Green Jacket

Dee, Jodi. The Little Green Jacket. Co-illustrated by Steve Goad. NP: Jodi Dee Publishing, 2020.

Summary from the author’s website

Author Jodi Dee and in partnership with Planet Aid presents “The Little Green Jacket” released in celebration of Earth Day 2020. The Little Green Jacket is a story based on true events about a little green jacket that travels through the lives of different children, who live in very different places, and ends up on the other side of the world after a natural disaster. Find out how the little green jacket experiences being a donation and the importance, power, and magic of giving! A true all-American classic that showcases the culture of donations and how it can change lives. 

My Review

The Little Green Jacket is a delightful story of a green jacket that is donated multiple times when the current owner outgrows it. Jodi Dee has written a story that teaches a lesson about sharing without coming across as preachy or didactic. The characters come from a variety of socio-economic levels showing that everyone can share something. I love that the green jacket has a dialogue line on most pages, noted with an image of a green jacket and green text. 

Jodi Dee and her co-illustrator Steve Goad chose to illustrate the text using grey tones with the exception of the green jacket. This helps bring attention to the message of sharing the green jacket. The illustrations are well done and complement the text well. I will be adding The Little Green Jacket to my Mock Caldecott 2021 list. 

I would not hesitate to add The Little Green Jacket to a k-12 Christian School library. This picture book could be used to help encourage students when the school is doing a drive for used items to be donated to others. I want to thank Jodi Dee Publishing for the complimentary copy of The Little Green Jacket. This is my honest review.

The Little Green Jacket is available from Amazon. When you find a book on Library Lady’s Kid Lit that you would like to purchase, I hope you will use the purchase links provided. When you make a purchase through our affiliate links, you support this young adult and children’s literature blog. I am grateful for you. Thank you!

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