Review – Tethered

Bertin, Eleanor, Tethered. Big Valley, Canada: Leaf & Blade Publishing, 2020.

Summary from Amazon

Perfectionistic librarian Jacqui Penn is ripped up by the roots when she’s dumped by her longtime boyfriend. Rootless and on the run, she is drawn two thousand miles west across Canada to the last place she ever thought could offer stability—the old homestead where her father grew up.

Renovating the derelict house soon becomes a personal battle as it stubbornly resists her efforts. While Jacqui struggles to renew the home, she spends time with the family Pops bitterly resented. Her hunger for roots grows stronger as she fights to discover the long-buried reasons her father fled the house as a beleaguered teen. But will she ever find the belonging she craves?

My Review

Tethered is the latest release in the Mosaic Collection. Eleanor Bertin understands people and what it sometimes takes to get them to come to Christ. For Jacqui it is being stuck in a building alone, without her phone in the middle of a wind storm. 

The plot line of Tethered is an interesting one – Jacqui was raised by a non-believer with Communistic-type beliefs and she was in a long-term relationship until the guy decided he wanted a relationship with someone else. Then her father’s brother (whom she didn’t know) died leaving her the family farm. She moves across the country to live on the farm until she can figure out what to do with the farm.  In spite of the belief system ingrained in her by her father, Jacqui is drawn to Christ through the love of her father’s sister. Jacqui is a very likable character with a heart open to learning. C.H. has difficult circumstances with his wife in the process of dying from cancer and raising a son with autism. He remains true to his wedding vows in spite of an attraction to Jacqui.

As a former librarian, I always like to see librarians as characters in a book. I could relate to some of the library incidents that occur. I also enjoyed the characters with disabilities. Books like Tethered show parents and others that their life with a disabled family member may be similar to another family’s.

While there are some repeat characters from Eleanor Bertin’s previous books, Tethered can be read as a stand alone. 

Possible Areas of Concern

There is a gay couple in the book, while they are not major characters they do have a part in the plot. There are also several instances of drinking, and one where the main-character gets drunk. These items may be a problem for some audiences.

Tethered is written for the adult audience. I do not think I would place it in a K-12 Christian school library, although it may be appropriate for some church libraries.
I received a complimentary copy of Tethered as a member of the Mosaic Launch Team and JustRead Publicity Tours Blogger Team. This is my honest review.

Tethered (The Mosaic Collection Book 12) is available from Amazon. When you find a book on Library Lady’s Kid Lit that you would like to purchase, I hope you will use the purchase links provided. When you make a purchase through our affiliate links, you support this young adult and children’s literature blog. I am grateful for you. Thank you!

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