Review – Bookish Belinda

Grafford, Jo. Bookish Belinda. NP: JG Press, 2020.


Summary from Amazon

Belinda Fairfax has an ax to grind with Colt Branson. She’s been patient — as patient as can be expected by a woman who was jilted at the altar by the only man she’s ever loved. She quietly supported his decision to travel west in search of his missing sister. She wordlessly held her tongue when he and his brother opened a mail-order bride agency — with their one-of-a-kind Gallant Rescuer clause — to help prevent any other would-be brides from suffering the way their sister had suffered.

However, Belinda draws the line at watching Colt’s brother, Jordan, fall in love and marry one of their lovely clientele. For all she knows, Colt may be courting someone, too. She breaks her silence with a letter, delivered to Headstone by the next mail-order bride. When a few months pass with no response, she decides writing isn’t enough. Without the funds to travel west to confront her former affianced, she sees no other choice but to sign one of his blasted bridal agency contracts and send herself to Arizona as a would-be bride!

My Review

Jo Grafford has done it again. She created a short, easy-to-read historical romance to delight her readers. Bookish Belinda is book 9 in her Mail Order Brides Rescue Series. This time the story involves one of the owners of Boomtown Mail Order Brides agency and the niece of their secretary. There is some character overlap between books but it is not necessary to read the series in order, although you may want to. The plot is somewhat predictable, but there are some surprises that will keep the readers reading until the end. Even though it is a short book, the main characters do show some depth.

I’m not sure I would place Bookish Belinda in a K-12 Christian School library. While it is a clean romance there are veiled references to sex – that while very discrete may not be appropriate for teens. I do think that adults would enjoy this sweet romance. 

I received a complimentary copy of Bookish Belinda. This is my honest review.

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