Seeger, Laura Vaccaro. Why? New York: Neal Porter Books, 2019.

Why cover

Summary from the author’s web site 

A plucky rabbit is endlessly fascinated by everything his friend, a bear, is up to. Whether it’s watering flowers, stargazing, or snacking on some honey, he asks the unchanging, inevitable question: Why?

But sometimes, his friend just doesn’t know why.

From the two-time Caldecott and Geisel Honor Book winner, Laura Vaccaro Seeger comes this disarmingly simple story about a rabbit eager to understand everything about the world around him, and his patient friend who usually, but not always, has all the answers.

My Review

I am a big fan of Laura Vaccaro Seeger. I love how her pictures always tell most (if not all) of the story. Why? is no different. Why? gives opportunity for language development as there are many questions that can be asked and answered for each page. The illustrations, created using watercolors, are beautiful. I love how Seeger brings out the fact that sometimes we just don’t know Why something (like the death of a bird in the winter) happens. 

For those of you who work with children with tender hearts, you need to know that the illustrations do indicate the death of a bird in the winter. The death is not mentioned in the text but it is in the picture of one page.

I would not hesitate to add Why?  to my K-12 Christian School library. I will be including it in my Mock Caldecott unit later this fall. 

I borrowed a copy of Why? from my local public library. This is my honest review.

Why? is available from Amazon. When you find a book on Library Lady’s Kid Lit that you would like to purchase, I hope you will use the purchase links provided. When you make a purchase through our affiliate links, you support this young adult and children’s literature blog. I am grateful for you. Thank you!

One comment

  1. This sounds like a very good book for children, this is a Big Why!!! it happens. Thank you for posting your book review and what this book is about. I Love the cover, it is Beautiful.


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