Gilboy, Tara. Unwritten. Mendota Heights, MN: Jolly Fish Press, 2018.


What is real? What is a fairy tale? Gracie begins to question this when she finds out life as she knows it is not the life she was born into. The start of her life was a figment of an author’s imagination. When her parents did not like the life written for them in the fairy tale, they found a way to escape. Unwritten is an interesting twist on fairy tales and alternate universes. After an evil force draws them back into the fairy tale world, Gracie, Jacob, Cassandra, and the author who created them are the only ones who remember the other word even exists – Gracie’s mother doesn’t remember, Walter and his parents don’t remember. Jacob even pretends to not remember.


Tara Gilboy has written an interesting story. It is well-written and convincing. The characters are well-developed. You will love the heroine and hate the villain and question the loyalty of others. What if there is another dimension? Can stories be explained by science? These questions are pondered by the scientist in the story who doesn’t read at the beginning because stories aren’t real.


I would not hesitate to add Unwritten to my library. It is a fantasy story appropriate for upper elementary and middle school.

I received a complimentary e-copy of Unwritten from Net Galley.

Unwritten is available from Amazon. When you find a book on Library Lady’s Kid Lit that you would like to purchase, I hope you will use the purchase links provided. When you make a purchase through our affiliate links, you support this children’s literature blog. I am grateful for you. Thank you!

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