I want to tell you about a new website. READ is a new concept to me. The emphasis isn’t on the SHOP portion, but on the READ section. Each link takes you to a book’s page, where readers can read. The back cover copy, the first two chapters. You can spend hours just browsing the site, discovering new authors. Just like a “real” brick and mortar book store.

Site Features

  • Author features. Every week, they’ll be featuring a new author, telling you a bit about their publication journey and their passions.
  • Daily E-deals. Every weekday, an e-book will be on sale for 99¢. Mondays will be the Featured Author’s book (and other days, if they have more than one). Remaining days will be titles that will interest the Featured Author’s readers too, in similar genres or styles.
  • Chosen Charities. We’ve asked our authors to supply us with a list of their favorite charities, and we’ll be tithing 10% of all sales to them. If an author has designated a charity, that 10% on their sales will go straight there; if they haven’t, then the 10% will be divided among the other authors’ charities. We feel it’s so important to keep God always at the forefront of our efforts and to help others in their Kingdom work!
  • Signed Copies. Many of our authors have chosen to participate in this program, which enables them to sign copies of their books and mail them to the purchaser (at the moment this is only available from US authors to US readers). These are noted with “Get it Signed” badges on their book, a special version in the shop, and then personalization requests can made during checkout.
  • Paperback clearances. Whenever we have overstock of a paperback, it’ll be rotated into our Clearance section. Books will stay on the page for 3 weeks at a clip, or as long as supplies last. Prices will always be 50% off, putting them at $7.49 for most of our full-length novels (this will obviously vary for middle grade and picture books).

Does this interest you? I have a coupon code for you to use – jane15. Go to and enter jane15 when you check-out. When you use jane15, I will receive credit toward free merchandise and you will receive 15% your purchase.



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