The Little i Who Lost His Dot

Gard, Kimberlee. The Little i Who Lost His Dot. Illustrated by Sandie Sonke. Sanger, CA: Familius, 2018.

little i who lost his dot

What child hasn’t been embarrassed when realizing they have forgotten something important? Little i is quite upset when he realizes that he has lost his dot. His friends in Alphabet School are all kind about it. Each of those friends, from a to z, suggests something to use as his dot. They each recommend something that starts with their letter. At the end of the day i discovers that he left his dot in bed on his pillow.

Kimberlee Gard has come up with a great new (at least new to me) concept for an alphabet book. The characters in this picture book show kindness and helpfulness to i who lost his dot. Each letter offers something that starts with his or her letter – and they aren’t necessarily the obvious choices often found on alphabet charts. Little a offers an acorn. Little m made her way over with a marble. By doing this, Kimberlee Gard expands the vocabulary of the child hearing the book read – making new letter associations. Parents and teachers could extend the text by asking children what other things each letter could offer as a dot for little i.

I love Sandie Sonke’s colorful illustrations. If I had had this book when we did our Mock Caldecott activity, I would have included it in the books for the students to choose from. Her illustrations give children a visual of the words on the page which is always helpful, especially if some of the words in the text are unfamiliar. Her facial expressions on the letters are delightful. She also goes beyond the text by including things that are not directly in the text.

If you are still looking for titles for a Mock Caldecott or are looking for titles to add to your alphabet book collection, I recommend The Little i Who Lost His Dot by Kimberlee Gard and illustrated by Sandi Sonke. I want to thank Familius for the complimentary copy which I received in exchange of this honest review.


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