finding my place in space

hannah, e. l. finding my place in space. Independently published, 2018.

finding my place in space

I will start with a disclaimer. While I have never met e. l. hannah, she is the daughter of a friend of mine. That has not hindered my ability to give an honest review.

finding my place in space is a collection of over 100 poems written during the high school and college years of e. l. hannah. Her poems cover both good and bad days. Topics range from feeling unloved and unworthy to knowing you are worth it and not alone in this world. The feelings conveyed are ones many older teens and young twenty-something adults may experience.


The book is divided into three sections. The first section contains poems tend to show the sad side of life – dealing with insecurities, depression, and lost love. The poems in the second section “float between happy and sad” – when you can’t quite determine what you are feeling. The third section was my favorite section. The poems here focus on the bright side of life – hope, happiness, and encouragement.


finding my place in space could be a great encouragement to a high school or college student who writes poetry to collect and publish their own work. The poems in the book could also be used as examples for poetry lessons or shared during Poetry Month. Because of the topic of some of the poems, I would recommend this book for high school and above.


Thanks to e. l. hannah for providing me with a pdf version of finding my place in space so that I could review it here.

finding my place in space: a collection of poetry is available from Amazon. I recommend it for high school or college libraries.

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