Rocket Writes a Story

Hills, Tad. Rocket Writes a Story. New York: Schwartz & Wade Books, 2012.

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I am always on the look out for picture books to support our Young Authors Day program. Rocket Writes a Story does just that. Tad Hills has written an engaging story line in which Rocket, with the support of his teacher the little yellow bird, learns about the process of writing a story. The story starts with Rocket gathering words and posting them on a tree. Once the tree is full, Rocket decides he is going to use the words to write a story. The process of story writing is explored – deciding what to write about, coming up with characters to include, deciding what will happen, where to find inspiration, what the illustrations will look like, and questions to ask while writing. Tad Hills understands the writing process and how to get children to understand it. His oil paint and colored pencil illustrations extend the text telling part of the story that isn’t in the words.

I plan on introducing our teachers to this book next semester as we begin talking about our Young Authors Day. If you are interested, the publisher has created a great teachers guide which can be found here. The author’s web site can be found here. 

Rocket Writes a Story can be purchased through Amazon. If you use my affiliate link for your purchase, you will be helping to support this children’s literature blog.

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