Punctuation for President

Reed, Lynn Rowe. Punctuation for President. Plaid People Press, 2018.

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Miss Marks starts the school year by holding an election. When she explains the process to her students, they get to work. The punctuation marks think it looks like fun so they decide to hold their own elections. Each of the punctuation marks uses their task as a punctuation mark to decide if they would be a good candidate. Apostrophe – “Since I am the best at taking the place of others, I would like to be the Vice President. Exclamation Point – “I will be the best President ever!!! I’m enthusiastic! And emphatic! No one can do a better job than I!!!!!!!” Question Mark – “Do you really believe in my leadership?” Once the nominations are made, the candidates make posters (and a mess). Because the punctuation marks are busy with their own campaigns, the kids campaign posters have mis-used punctuation which changes the meaning of their signs – “Vote for no. more homework! please?” The punctuation marks decide they must help the students and the signs are corrected.

Lynn Reed has shown an understanding of the way children think. She is able to present the importance of punctuation in a fun way. Her illustrations are brightly-colored and very child-like. I believe they will appeal to children. She closes the book with further information about each of the punctuation marks and a short bit about democracy.

This would be a great read aloud for a punctuation unit. It could also be tied in to the election of a president in the United States every four years. Since Punctuation for President is a picture book published this year, I will be including in my my Mock Caldecott unit which is starting this week. For other ideas you can check out the study guide available on the book’s web site.

























































































































































I want to thank Plaid People Press for the review copy of Punctuation for President in exchange for this honest review. The book will be placed in my school library for my students to enjoy.

Punctuation for President is available on Amazon. Feel free to use my affiliate link which helps to support this children’s literature blog.


  1. […] We got down to business on our Animoto Mock Caldecott projects in fifth grade. I got the idea for this project from the Aug/Sept issue of Library Sparks. While the magazine is no longer in publication, they have a great archives online. The .pdf is still available here. As we move through this project I will be sharing the different resources I have created as well. We had two sessions this week. One to get them into their groups, remind then of the Caldecott Criteria, and then choose the book they would be promoting and starting on their project checklist. The second session was spent working on their storyboards. Both of these are part of the .pdf.  Curious which books from Mock Caldecott my list they chose? They Say Blue, Blue, Hello Hello, Sleep Train, Red, A Stone for Sascha, I Am a Cat, and Punctuation for President. […]


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