Frightful’s Daughter

George, Jean Craighead. Frightful’s Daughter. Illustrated by Daniel San Souci. New York: Dutton Children’s Books, 2002.

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Our fifth graders read My Side of the Mountain every year and the teacher had asked that I add other books in the series to our collection. Frightful’s Daughter is a picture book which continues the story of Frightful, the falcon in My Side of the Mountain.

Frightful and her mate hatch three babies. Oksi doesn’t live by the rules  – which saves her life once but gets her in trouble other times. Oksi’s brothers are stolen by a poacher and Frightful, thinking all her babies are gone, leaves Oksi behind. Sam Gribley finds Oksi and takes care of her until Frightful returns. At the end of the summer, Frightful and her mate try to get Oksi to migrate to South America with them, but Oksi does things her own way. As a result Oksi almost starves and ends up spending the winter with Sam.

The text is a little advanced for young children, but if you have one who is interested in wildlife, the text may be able to hold their attention. I think the book is more appropriate as a picture book read aloud for older children.

Jean Craighead George has a reputation as a nature writer – her wildlife information is correct and could be used as a training opportunity for little ones.  Daniel San Souci is a wildlife painter – his illustrations are accurate.

If you would like to add Frightful’s Daughter to your library, you can use my Amazon Affiliate link which helps support this children’s literature blog.

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