This Is The NEST That ROBIN Built

Fleming, Denise. This is the Nest That Robin Built. New York: Beach Lane Books, 2018.

Image result for this is the nest that robin built by denise fleming

I LOVE THIS BOOK! This Is The NEST That ROBIN Built is a new one on my favorite list. Denise Fleming styled the text for this book after the traditional favorite This is the House that Jack Built. There is a lot of repetitive text which will make it a great read aloud for young children. They will soon be reciting the text along with the reader.

Denise Fleming used a collage technique to create her illustrations. Teachers could easily have students create their own collages after reading the book together. Denise Fleming has a great web site complete with book trailers, activities to do with each of her books, and information about her illustration process. After looking at all the resources she has available, I may just plan a Denise Fleming story time sometime.

I will definitely be adding This Is The NEST That ROBIN Built to my Mock Caldecott unit later this fall. It is a great picture book.

If you’d like your own copy of This Is the Nest That Robin Built, it is available from Amazon. If you use my affiliate link, it will help support this children’s literature blog.

What has been your favorite new book this year?

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