Clifford the Big Red Dog

Bridwell, Norman. Clifford the Big Red Dog. New York: Scholastic, 1985.

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Clifford the Big Red Dog, the picture book that started everything off. Now there is a huge series of books and a PBS series. I have hosting a storytime the end of the summer with a Clifford theme so I am currently reading Clifford books and planning activities for the kiddos.

In Clifford the Big Red Dog, Emily Elizabeth introduces her new pet Clifford to the reader. She tells the things he can do and all the reasons she likes him. The book would be a great kick off to a pet day. Students could talk about their best and what they look about them.

Norman Bridwell tells a story that interest the pre-school and early elementary crowd. Who wouldn’t want a big dog like Clifford? His text encourages the reader to fall in love with Clifford just like Emily Elizabeth did.

Clifford The Big Red Dog (Clifford 8×8) is available from Amazon. Thanks for using my affiliate link which helps support this children’s literature blog but doesn’t cost you any extra.

Have you ever had a Clifford day at your school? What kind of things did you do? Comment below and let me know.

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