How Many Veggies?

Vischer, Phil. How Many Veggies? Art Direction by Ron Eddy. Nashville, TN: Tommy Nelson, 1997.

One of the things I attempt to teach my “littles” is that not all books were written to tell a story. Sometimes they are written to tell the reader about a concept like counting. How Many Veggies? is a book I used this past week to illustrate the idea of concept books. While Phil Vischer does successfully tell a story, I think the main purpose of this book is to help the reader learn more about numbers.

Part of the Veggie Tales series, in How Many Veggies? Bob is headed out to sea in a barrel built for one or maybe two passengers. One by one his veggie friends attempt to join him. With each additional veggie the barrel sinks lower in the water until the veggies need to start bailing.

How Many Veggies? would make a great addition to your counting picture book collection. How Many Veggies? (Veggietales Series) is available from Amazon. Thanks for using my affiliate link and supporting this Children’s Literature blog.

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