The Very First Thanksgiving Day

Greene, Rhonda Gowler. The Very First Thanksgiving Day. Illustrated by Susan Gaber. New York: Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2002.

Most everyone knows the story of the first Thanksgiving, so you may wonder why another first Thanksgiving book. Greene used a poetic format and repetitive text which makes the story appealing to children. The rhythm of the text almost reminds me of the classic The House that Jack Built. Greene discusses the food eaten, the relationship with the Indians, and many other aspects of the Plymouth Plantation in her text. Gaber’s illustrations are beautiful acrylic paintings.

Author and illustrator notes tell of the research Greene and Gaber did as they prepared this book for publication. The illustrations complement the text well. Non-readers should be able to tell the story of the pictures after just one or two times of hearing the book read aloud.

The Very First Thanksgiving Day is available at Amazon.


  1. […] Had a fun lesson with  my third graders. We started a LIBRARY SCAVENGER HUNT – feel free to edit this document to fit your library. It gave the students great practice in using the catalog and finding materials on the shelves. I tried not to answer the question – Where do I find…? during this activity. They did not complete the scavenger hunt so we will finish it next time. Our stories were A Turkey for Thanksgiving and The Very First Thanksgiving Day.  […]


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